Pros And Cons Of An Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, especially fueled by companies such as Tesla and vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf. These vehicles are also subsidized and supported by many countries to reduce emission and improve clean living. As more and more people are purchasing electric vehicles, manufacturers have begun building them. This will eventually lead to electric vehicles becoming the only type of vehicle to be available.

Impact on the environment

Electric vehicles have no emission. As the vehicle runs on battery power, there’s no waste. Due to this, the vehicle has nothing to emit. When compared to a vehicle that runs on gas, there’s no pollution. Electric vehicles don’t do harm to the environment. This is one of the biggest advantages of an electric vehicle. Today’s large number of gas powered vehicles have a large effect on the environment and once these are replaced by electric vehicles, this all changes. Unlike gas powered vehicles you don’t have to go to a mechanic in Burwood to check about the emission. Renewable energyElectric vehicles run on battery power, which is a renewable resource. In this case, there’s no limit as to how much we can use. Comparatively, fossil fuel is limited and there so much we can use before it ends. Further, the batteries are becoming more and more efficient leading to larger capacity batteries for longer drives.

Can be charged at home

Electric vehicles can not only be charged through charging stations, it can also be charged at home. Due to this, electric vehicles are one of the most convenient vehicles available. This level of convenience will reduce lines at charging stations and reduce congestion in certain areas. It will also lead to saved time and unnecessary detours to fill up the tank.


Limited knowledge

Due to the relatively newness of electric vehicles, very few people are familiar with the vehicle. There are only a few car service places that are familiar with electric vehicles. This requires more training and will change over time, but as of now, due to the limited knowledge, not many people are able to oversee the maintenance of electric cars.

Limited range

Electric vehicles have limited range as opposed to gas powered vehicles. This means you will have to visit a charging station sooner than a gas-powered vehicle. This can be a problem, especially for long trips where you have to visit the charging station every couple of hours or so. Over the years, the range of electric vehicles have been improving but reaching levels of gas powered vehicles haven’t been achieved yet.

Limited cars

The number of electric vehicles available is much smaller than the gas-powered cars. This means the consumer has a limited selection of vehicles to choose from. Despite this, the popularity of electric vehicles and the limited availability of gas has led to many manufacturers to start to develop and produce electric vehicles. This may lead to even greater choice of electric vehicles in the future.