Families And RVs – Tips When Buying

If you are looking into buying RVs, and if your family is on the larger side, then naturally, it can be quite hard to find a vehicle that ‘clicks’ with you. The larger the family is – and also, depending on the age of your children – the more can it be difficult to find the recreational vehicle that exactly matches your needs. Below are some helpful pointers to consider when buying RVs with families in mind: 

  • Space – the biggest point you need to consider is the space that the RV offers. This is why many families opt to buy motorhome Melbourne: they can be extremely spacious and easily fit as much as eight individuals or more when it comes to the Class A and Class C motorhomes. Families that are economically well-off even consider buying a motorhome and hauling an extra trailer with it. If your children are smaller, you can go with smaller campers, but if you have adolescents, they will most likely need separate sleeping areas. Furthermore, when it comes to space, it is always a good idea to buy an ‘awning’ – a canopy-like enclosure that you can attach to the motorhome or caravan to increase the living quarters of the RV.
    • Storage – the second point you want to factor is storage space. As a family requires more storage space than the average travellers, you will want to get as much storage space as possible. Naturally, most of the largest RVs have plenty of storage spaces in the form of cabinets and storage space under beds, sofas, and the like. However, you could also look for extra storage space for other objects such as bicycles (e.g. bicycle racks on top of, or behind the trailer – you can find these in custom caravans).
      • Electric sockets – when it comes to electric sockets, families will again need as many as possible. You want plenty of electric sockets to be located in the kitchen, for your appliances such as microwave ovens and the like, and in the living room for charging various gadgets. Because you have children with you, it is best to try and rely as minimally as possible on extension cords and multi-plugs.
        • Water facilities – water facilities include both the water supply and wastewater, as well as the technicalities of the bathroom. You will need to buy water rollers (buying two is a good idea) as well as a wastewater container. Despite the fact that you can camp nowadays in locations that have showering and toilet facilities, it is still a good idea to have a functional bathroom in your RV when you have kids around. Make sure that the bathroom is concealed (i.e. does not have transparent doorways and the like); additionally, an outside shower is also a good idea.